North Coast Opportunities (NCO) is a locally managed, private employer. NCO's 200+ employees provide services in 7 counties! 

Fulfilling NCO's mission to provide services and resources throughout such a large region means there are always new positions coming open. NCO strives to provide an inclusive work environment that supports high engagement for a diverse group of creative, engaged people. NCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

NCO offers a robust benefits package for those employees who are hired for ongoing positions. That package includes paid vacation and health leave, HealthiestYou Teladoc, an employee assistance program, a generous 401(k) plan, and 12 paid holidays (starting January 1, 2022, NCO is increasing it to15 paid holidays). Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance plans are also included for those regular employees working 30 hours or more per week.

NCO often has short-term and substitute positions available as well. While those only include the paid health leave and the 401(k) benefit, they are an excellent way to get to know NCO as an employer and explore the many opportunities it can offer.

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Employment Opportunities

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Community Wellness Program - Apply Soon

Volunteer Network Program - Apply Soon

Community Wellness Program - Apply Soon

Rural Communities Child Care Program (Lake/Mendocino County) - Apply Soon

Head Start Child Development Program  - Apply Soon

Head Start Preschool Classroom:

Early Head Start (Infant/Toddler) Classroom:

Preschool Substitutes (On-Call) - Apply Soon