The Redwood Caregiver Resource Center helps families and communities master the challenges of caring for adults with brain disorders through programs and services that address the emotional, physical, and financial needs of family caregivers.

Who We Serve:  We provide information and assistance to families and caregivers of adults with brain impairments due to injury or disease, as well as to the caregivers of the frail elderly.

How We Operate:  A trained Redwood CRC family consultant helps you understand what a diagnosis means and will develop a personal plan of action which best suits you and your family’s caregiving needs. After a family consultation, additional services may also be offered (e.g., Individual and Group Support, Legal Consultations, Respite Care).

Individual and Group Support: When it helps just to talk, Redwood CRC is here to listen, either one-on-one or in a group of people coping with similar concerns. To help caregivers share experiences and ideas to ease the stress of caregiving, we offer counseling sessions, specialized classes and support groups led by professionals in a supportive environment.

Legal Consultations: We also offer personal consultation with attorneys experienced in estate and financial matters, conservatorships, powers of attorney, eligibility for government programs and other benefits.

Respite Care If needed: Redwood CRC helps families locate appropriate respite care for a loved one. Limited financial assistance may be offered to help with the expense of in-home aids, daycare, overnight care, weekend respite or transportation for a family member with brain impairment.

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