Walk & Bike Mendocino

NCO's Walk and Bike Mendocino promotes walking and biking as a primary transportation choice in short-distance travel in Mendocino County. Functioning as a program of the North Coast Opportunities, W&B staff support pro walking and biking governmental policies and infrastructure, provide public education and safe routes to school programs, work with neighborhood coalitions on placemaking as a health promotion tool, and collaborate with other organizations and volunteers working on similar or supportive projects to meet shared goals.

Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake

Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake (CC4C) is a volunteer program, fiscally sponsored by North Coast Opportunities, created to rid Clearlake of litter and blight. Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake shares the gratifying experience of promoting and sustaining the beauty of Clearlake through education and volunteer action.

To learn more about CC4C, please visit their website or follow their Facebook page. For any questions, please call Barbara Christwitz - (707) 995-0940

Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake is part of NCO's Fiscal Sponsorship program.

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