NCO recognizes that fiscal sponsorships are a useful tool to help develop new services that strengthen our community and to help create a healthy and self-sustaining community that inspires individuals to reach their highest potential. All fiscal sponsorships must be aligned with NCO's mission, and each fiscal sponsorship is assigned an NCO employee to act as liaison and provide oversight. The NCO Governing Board authorizes all fiscal sponsorship agreements.

Fiscal sponsorships vary in size and scope. Many strive to become a permanent program of NCO, while others work toward becoming an independent nonprofit. Some are short-term and/or grant-funded projects that have a specific end date. No matter a fiscal sponsorship's purpose or goals, it will receive the same services and oversight from NCO as its parent organization.

Good Farm Fund

The Good Farm Fund is a community organization founded in 2015 with the goal of providing direct support to small (or low-income) farmers to improve their financial well-being in Mendocino and Lake Counties and increasing local food security for all members of our community.

United Disaster Relief of Northern California

United Disaster Relief of Northern California is a donation and distribution center set up in the wake of the October 2017 Redwood Complex fire.  The mission of United Disaster Relief of Northern California (UDRNC) is to support the full recovery of people who have been impacted by a disaster. To further this mission, UDRNC offers immediate and long-term relief to anyone impacted by a disaster by providing advocacy, resources, and material goods and by assisting people to access all available resources to help them rebuild, remodel, rent or relocate, and ultimately recover after their disaster. The disaster center is funded by grants and donations and operated by volunteers.  

UVA: Ukiah Vecinos en Acción

Ukiah Vecinos en Acción (UVA) is a Latino Coalition formed by community members who are passionate and focused on taking action on issues affecting the Latino population. This coalition acts as a bridge between agencies and the community with the focus being, to enrich the positive presence of Latinos, to serve as a non-bias platform for information, and to build an environment of trust and positive relationships with other organizations.

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