In response to the challenges posed by wildfires in Mendocino County, combined with the culminating impacts of other states of emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, NCO is committed to supporting the needs of households directly impacted by such events. 

NCO staff and volunteers all care for the people in their communities, with this response, we help connect individuals and families to resources and provide gap funding for services when available.

Disaster Case Management (DCM) is a time-limited process by which a skilled helper—a “Disaster Case Manager”—partners with a disaster-affected individual or family in order to plan for and achieve realistic goals for recovery following a disaster.

Recovery and rebuilding a life after a disaster can be overwhelming. With so many applications, steps, and follow-ups, it can be hard to know where to start or who to contact. Disaster Case Managers are trained to help those who lack the resources necessary to recover or who need assistance with their recovery toward resilience. Disaster Case Management is a process in which a trained case manager partners with a survivor to plan and to facilitate a road to recovery and resilience. This process is focused on empowering the survivor to take responsibility for their own recovery while a DCM partners with them to navigate and to obtain the resources required to recover.

Disaster Case Management services are prioritized for people with extensive needs or risk factors—not everyone will need or be able to receive a DCM. Any person who was impacted by Mendocino County wildfires and lacks the resources necessary to recover is eligible to receive assistance from NCO. Due to limited capacity, cases may be prioritized by those with the greatest need, such as those who are without stable housing or consistent access to food.

Please call an NCO Case Manager at (707) 456-7989 or email ¡Hablamos español!

United Disaster Relief of Northern California

United Disaster Relief of Northern California is Disaster Resource Center and Distribution Center set up in the wake of the 2017 wildfires in Northern California. The mission of United Disaster Relief of Northern California (UDRNC) is to support the full recovery of people who have been impacted by a disaster. To further this mission, UDRNC offers immediate and long-term relief to anyone impacted by a disaster by providing advocacy, resources, and material goods and by assisting people to access all available resources to help them rebuild, remodel, rent or relocate, and ultimately recover after their disaster. The disaster center is funded by grants and donations and operated by volunteers.  


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In the wake of a disaster, community members are faced with a variety of stressors that can range from being without power for a prolonged period of time to being forced to evacuate not knowing the state of their home. Families who have experienced bodily or property damage from a wildfire can field exorbitant expenses well after the smoke has cleared, with the average recovery time from a natural disaster ranging from 1 to 3 years post-event. The Disaster Relief Fund seeks to assist those facing hardship by providing monetary aid to people who have suffered a direct loss in Lake or Mendocino Counties as a result of a disaster.

Help us meet that need by contributing to the Disaster Relief Fund for Lake and Mendocino counties. Donate Today!

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