Disaster Recovery in Lake County

NCO is committed to supporting the needs of fire survivors from the devastating Lake County wildfires since 2015.

Since 2015, NCO has been collecting donations to assist fire survivors following the aftermath of each fire. NCO has then in turn provided resources, grants and services to fire survivors. We disburse those funds to fire survivors through an application process. Currently, NCO is administering assistance through our disaster case management process, providing support and technical assistance to fire survivors through the rebuilding process, and utilizing AmeriCorps service members to assist with rebuilds.


United Disaster Relief of Northern California

United Disaster Relief of Northern California is Disaster Resource Center and Distribution Center set up in the wake of the 2017 wildfires in Northern California. The mission of United Disaster Relief of Northern California (UDRNC) is to support the full recovery of people who have been impacted by a disaster. To further this mission, UDRNC offers immediate and long-term relief to anyone impacted by a disaster by providing advocacy, resources, and material goods and by assisting people to access all available resources to help them rebuild, remodel, rent or relocate, and ultimately recover after their disaster. The disaster center is funded by grants and donations and operated by volunteers.

Give to Fire Survivors Today

More than 50% of Lake County has burned since 2012. Many residents need long-term support and assistance. Consider giving today!

In the wake of a disaster, community members are faced with a variety of stressors that can range from being without power for a prolonged period of time to being forced to evacuate not knowing the state of their homes. Families who have experienced bodily or property damage from a wildfire can field exorbitant expenses well after the smoke has cleared, with the average recovery time from a natural disaster ranging from 1 to 3 years post-event. The Disaster Relief Fund seeks to assist those facing hardship by providing monetary aid to people who have suffered a direct loss in Lake or Mendocino Counties as a result of a disaster.

Help us meet that need by contributing to the Disaster Relief Fund for Lake and Mendocino counties. Donate Today!

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