Support will be available on October 4th at Clearlake City Hall

In response to the Cache Fire that devastated nearly 60 homes on August 18th, the City of Clearlake in partnership with Cal-OES and North Coast Opportunities (NCO) are providing a workshop on October 4, 2021, to support free lot cleanup and hazardous waste removal.

Individuals who own a Mobile Home, residential home, or a property destroyed by the Cache Fire are eligible for free hazardous waste removal by Cal-OES, regardless of insurance status. The City of Clearlake and NCO are urgently seeking property owners whose homes were severely damaged by the Cache Fire. Please share this information with applicable property owners.

In order to be eligible, impacted residents must either attend the workshop on October 4th or contact NCO to complete the “Right Of Entry” (ROE) Form. The ROE form requires homeowners’ insurance information (if applicable), automobile insurance information (if applicable), and a list of any lost vehicles, boats or trailers, septic, propane, water tanks, or construction equipment.

This form is due by October 6th. Property Owners are legally responsible for debris cleanup; therefore the City of Clearlake and NCO encourage all Cache Fire survivors whose property was severely burned to take advantage of this free cleanup opportunity. Property Owners who do not take advantage are responsible for debris removal and all associated costs. Residents who lived in the areas impacted but whose homes were not severely damaged, or those who were renting, are not required to attend or submit an ROE.

A workshop to answer questions and assist with completion of the form will be held at Clearlake City Hall on October 4th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Food and snacks will be provided by NCO’s Community Kitchen Project. NCO and City staff will be available to help fire survivors complete the form, answer questions, and offer other forms of assistance.

“We are grateful to Cal-OES for offering this service to our impacted residents,” adds Alan Flora, City Manager. “We strongly encourage anyone who owns a lot within the Cache Fire area to apply.”

In addition, NCO is continuing to provide immediate needs support and interim housing support to Cache Fire survivors. If you lost your home during the Cache Fire and have not yet applied, please do so here. You may be eligible for cash assistance and/or temporary housing if you are homeless as a direct result from the Cache Fire. Forms are also available at The City of Clearlake: NCO’s Clearlake office, or on NCO’s website at:

For more information, please contact the City of Clearlake at 707-994-8201 or NCO at 707-994-2910.

[This archive item was originally published on Wednesday, September 29, 2021]

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