Services for Pregnant Parent

A healthy pregnancy has a direct influence on the health and development of a child. NCO HSCDP provides weekly services to expectant families in a home-base program.

We provide early, continuous support and services to give the best opportunity for:

  •  Healthy pregnancies and positive childbirth outcomes;
  •  Supportive postpartum care for the parents and child;
  •  Fathers to become fully involved in the lives of their very young children;
  •  Supporting and enhancing parent child attachments; and
  •  Parents to develop as nurturing and responsive caregivers during infancy.

It is the intention of NCO HSCDP to serve and to provide services for the child and family upon delivery.


Home Base

NCO Head Start home visits provide comprehensive services to support and strengthen the relationships between you and your infant or toddler. The strength and quality of these relationships are essential for your child’s optimal developmental outcomes during this period of rapid social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.  We support your relationships and your child’s development in a combination of ways:

  • By honoring that the parent is the child’s primary teacher;
  • By participating in weekly home visits with one of our home base educators where together, you watch and think about your child, and help your child learn using your families' interactions, daily routines, and household materials; and
  • By attending socializations twice a month where you can meet and connect with other families.


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