Program Policy Council (PPC) 

The PPC is a group of parent representatives (one from each site, plus alternatives), that help the program develop, grow, and be successful. The PPC meets once a month, the second Saturday of the month, either virtually or in-person (when safe.) 

It is the job of the PPC and the NCO Governing Board to see that the Head Start Child Development Program is going in a direction the will help fulfill its mission - "to empower children to achieve their highest potential." 

The PPC does this by: 

  • Bringing ideas about the program from the Parent Committees to its meetings.
  • Reviewing and approving: or disapproving and working to change:
    • The Program Planning Process
    • The Strategic Plan (Goals and Objectives) 
    • The Recruitment and Enrollment Plans
    • Funding Applications 
    • The Annual Self-Assessment
    • ....and more!


If you are interested in becoming a PPC Representative, contact your Family Support Specialist! 

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