Career Ladders and Current Positions

NCO HSCDP maintains a career ladder that helps develop employee's hands-on skills and education progression to help employees reach their highest potential. Employees are supported in their education efforts with a textbook lending library, education release time, and tuition reimbursement (dependant on funding.) To learn more about the qualifications for a certain position, or general questions about job duties, please contact our main office. 


Listed below are current positions at NCO HSCDP. Click on the department title to expand. 

Accountant I

Accountant II 

Internal Business Manager 

Program Assistant 

Program Assistant I 

Program Assistant II 


Executive Assistant 

Executive Assistant I 

Executive Assistant II 


Other Management Positions (not in ladder order) 

Information Systems Manager 

Program Support Manager

Program Director 


Child Development Supervisor I 

Child Development Supervisor II 

Child Development Supervisor III 


Education, Disabilities, Mental Health Coordinator 

Education Specialist I 

Education Specialist II 

Education, Disabilities, Mental Health Manager I 

Education, Disabilities, Mental Health Manager II 



Maintenance Specialist 

Assistant Faciltiies Manager 

Facilities Manager 

Family Support 

Family Support Specialist - Associate 

Family Support Specialist I 

Family Support Specialist II 

Family Support Specialist III 

Family Services Coordinator I 

Family Services Coordinator II 

Family Services Manager 



Enrollment Coordinator I

Enrollment Coordinator II 



Assistant Teacher 

Associate Teacher I

Associate Teacher II 


Lead Teacher I

Lead Teacher II 



Home Based Aide

Home Based Educator I 

Home Based Educator II 

Home Based Educator III 


Safety Cooridnator I 

Safety Cooridnator II



Health Aide

Health Services Specialist 

Health Services Manager 

Kitchen Staff 

Assistant Cook

Cook I

Cook II

Cook III 


Office Staff

Nutrition Coordinator 

Nutrition Cooridinator II 

Nutrition Coordinator III 

Site Supervisor I 

Site Supervisor II

Site Supervisor III 

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