The Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV) of California is a statewide system to pre-identify and credential volunteer medical and health workers for deployment in disaster response and recovery activities.During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Volunteer Network recruited, registered, and deployed hundreds of local medically-licensed volunteers through DHV to support the Public Health vaccination clinics throughout Mendocino County. Volunteer Network contrinues to maintain this database for continued COVID-19 vaccine efforts and future county-wide emergencies such as fires, floods or earthquakes. 

If you are have an active medical license (RN, PHN, MD, PA, etc) and  are intersted in helping with the vaccine effort or future disaters, register with DHV today!

Important! When registering, be sure to select "Mendocino County" under the Organizations tab.

To learn more, email Tammy Alakszay at

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