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The Foster Grandparent Program engages adults age 55 and over in intensive volunteerism as tutors and mentors for children and youth with exceptional needs.  They serve in local, elementary school classrooms, providing extra attention for children who need it the most.  They also serve in alternative high school settings, ready to help at risk youth learn and be successful.

Help guide students to higher academic achievement. Care for premature infants or children with disabilities. Mentor troubled teenagers and young mothers. The Foster Grandparent program connects role models like you with young people with exceptional needs.

Foster Grandparents serve from 5-40 hours per week and a minimum of 260 hours per year per volunteer.  No formal experience in tutoring or mentoring is required.  The pre-service orientation and training is provided by NCO Volunteer Network. 

Learn more about the Foster Grandparent Program here.

Volunteers deliver meals to homebound seniors.

Learn more about the Meals on Wheels program.

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