Child Care Assistance

RCCC has financial assistance available for childcare in Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Explore the application process, including need and eligibility requirements, and other

referrals that are offered to meet the needs of families in our community.

For any assistance with the application process email: or call: (707) 263-4688 ext. 600.

Alternative Payment Program (APP)

Financial assistance may cover all or part of your childcare costs. Families who have a 

need requirement as follows: employed, seeking employment, experiencing

homelessness, enrolled in educational or vocational training or participating in a welfare-to-work activity. 

And are either Income Eligible or Certified to receive benefits from any one of the

following means-tested governement programs below:

Step 1

Apply for Child Care Assistance

Please complete and return the subsidy application of the town closest to your home or email to

Family Size
Family Monthly Income
Family Yearly Income
1-2 $6,128 $73,536
3 $6,931 $83,172
4 $8,025 $96,300
5 $9,309 $111,708
6 $10,593 $127,116
7 $10,834 $130,008



Child Care Referrals

Step 2

Search for Child Care Providers in Lake & Mendocino County.

Once your Search Results are Complete, you may Print or Email your List.

Search for Child Care Providers in Lake County

Search for Child Care Providers in Mendocino County

Need further Assistance?

If you need further assistance finding a child care provider, call our R&R team at (707) 263-4688 ext. 416,

email: or visit a local RCCC office.

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