Early care and education programs set a strong foundation for our children and child care providers who are a critical part of our community.

The work child care providers do allows parents the ease of mind of knowing their children are receiving opportunities to learn, play, laugh, and grow.

NCO's Rural Communities Child Care provides free or low-cost programs and services designed to support and empower providers so that children, families, and communities benefit. We work with new child care professionals and experienced providers, offering coaching and training on quality care and guidance on the licensing process. We also administer reimbursements for healthy meals for providers who enroll on the Food Program and for child care services for families enrolled in the Alternative Payment program.


Provider Information

Subsidized Child Care Programs - Provider Handbook

RCCC is a program of North Coast Opportunities (NCO), Inc. and administers a variety of Subsidized Child Care Programs that help eligible families pay for child care in Lake and Mendocino Counties. The purpose of this information is to explain the program rules that providers need to follow and the paperwork that must be completed for authorized child care services through NCO/RCCC Subsidized Child Care Programs.

Provider Handbook

Manual del Proveedor


Provider Forms

CDPH Blue Immunization Record Form

Click here to download the printable CDPH Immunization Record Form.

For assistance completing the CDPH Immunization Record Form download, the Windows Form for Child Care Immunizations. Click here for the Spanish form.

Providers are required to keep a copy of every child's immunization record to ensure the child's immunizations are up-to-date. Immunization records must be completed during enrollment and prior to providing any child care.

Immunization record forms are required to be printed on a blue sheet of paper. Visit your local RCCC office for copies of immunization record forms if you cannot print them on blue paper.


Attendance Sheet Instructions and Procedures

Click here to download printable Alternative Payment Attendance Sheets in English. Click here for a copy of the Spanish Sheets.

1. Fill out one Attendance Sheet per child.
2. Exact times of entry and departure must be entered on a daily basis.
3. Reason for absence must be completed when a child is not present (I.e. sick, with grandma, medical appt.) or reason the child is not in care during school hours).
4. Timesheets must be completed in ink and received in our office by the 5th day of the month following care.

  • If you don’t already drop off your sheets directly to the Ukiah office on the 1st of each month you may:
  • Scan your sheets (no pictures, just scans please) directly to providerpayments@ncoinc.org on the 1st day of the month following care.
    • Note: You must also mail the originals directly to the Ukiah RCCC office as usual (the address is on the attendance sheets).
  • By emailing/scanning your sheets on the 1st of each month, the payment staff is able to begin processing your payment before getting the originals through USPS. By following these steps, it assures that your child care facility will receive payment as scheduled each month.


How to Set Up Direct Deposits

Download a copy of RCCC's Direct Deposit Authorization form in English or a copy of the form in Spanish.

Complete ALL the information on the Direct Deposit Authorization form. Return the completed form to:
Attn: Payment Manager
413 N. State Street,
Ukiah CA, 95482 

If you have questions about payments or payroll please contact Sheila McCann at (707) 467-3200 ext. 322.

How to Become a Child Care Provider

Becoming a licensed provider (family child care or center) can mean greater business development, access to more referrals, the ability to participate in more professional trainings, eligibility for reimbursements like the Child Care Food Program, and potentially the ability to increase your income. We’re here to guide you through the licensing process.

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Join the Food Program

Child Care Food Program (CCFP) reimburses family child care providers who provide nutritious meals and snacks to children. Ongoing nutrition training is provided. The Child Care Food Program is currently serving 672 children and reimbursing 64 providers for nutritious meals served to children while in their care.

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View Provider Information Notices (PINs)

Community Care Licensing regularly sends information to providers and stakeholders by way of Provider Information Notices (PINs), Program Quarterly Update Newsletters, and other important department information. Click learn more to view to most recent PINs.

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