Rural Communities Child Care

The role of RCCC is to help families using a holistic approach. With offices in Lake and Mendocino County, we strive to reach all memebrs of our communities, including families, parents, and providers.

  • We support parents with case management services, financial assistance with child care, referrals to multiple child care options, community resources, and more. 
  • We support child care providers with step-by-step assistance to obtaining their own child care license, we offer technical support with paperwork submissions, enrolling in RCCC programs, we provide assistance with stipend applications, and much more.
  • We support our community by conducting training and workshops that are free-of-charge for parents and providers. We promote outreach by attending community events to notify our community of our resources. We spread awareness of opportunities in our counties by maintaining a County Resources Directory, posting flyers and events on our website and social media platforms, sending regular emails to those subscribed to our emai listserve (RCCC Newsletter coming soon), and much more!

Our staff takes pride in their work and commitment to serving children and families. We strive to maintain a non-judgmental attitude in supportive relationships with each other and clients. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, open communication, and cooperation. We strive to practice healthy boundaries and balance these qualities with compassion, mutual support, and flexibility. We recognize initiative, self-discipline, and positive attitudes as leadership qualities and strive to foster these qualities among all staff. 


The Alternative Payment Program

The Alternative Payment Program subsidizes child care payments for eligible families who are working, in school or training, or participating in a welfare-to-work activity. APP provides a variety of direct services including individual conferences with families, determination of family eligibility, assisting families with accessing services, referring families to other community resources, maintaining eligibility lists, and more!




Resource and Referral

Our Resource and Referral team provides free child care referrals to child care facilities, community resources and events, free information on starting and managing a family child care home business or child care center, and a resource lending library for child care providers and parents. Specialized workshops are offered for parents and child care providers on family-related topics. The program also provides a community resource directory and community resources on various family-oriented organizations.


The Child Care Food Program 

The Child Care Food Program reimburses family child care providers who provide nutritious meals and snacks to children. Ongoing nutrition training is provided. The Child Care Food Program is currently serving 672 children and reimbursing 64 providers for nutritious meals served to children while in their care.


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