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We invest in people through community action.

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    Volunteers of all ages give their time to support people facing cancer

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    Teen Volunteers learn catering skills at our Summer Soiree

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    Teen leaders earn their black aprons after 30+ hours of service

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    Summer Slaw is on the menu!

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    We love organic produce donated from local gardens and farms!

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    Delicious White Bean Salad!

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    Delivery angels bring meals to our clients' homes

Caring Kitchen Project

Tarney Sheldon, Project Manager


Tel: (707) 462-1950

April Cunningham, Kitchen Manager


Tel: (707) 467-3212

Our client "Dan" who is 57 and is in the midst of 4 weeks of daily cancer treatment, feels deep gratitude for the Caring Kitchen Project meals he's receiving each week. He's overcome with emotion when he tells us that this is the first time in his entire life that he has had someone give him a meal. Dan has had to go it alone for so much of his life, and now, to have strangers making delicious meals for him, delivering them to his house, and supporting him in this way while he fights his cancer, is so powerful. It keeps him going during the days when he feels like the fight against cancer is too hard.

Please know that it takes $20 to provide one meal to a client like Dan... and $960 to provide 3 weekly meals for 16 weeks while Dan and others are undergoing treatment and trying to heal from cancer. These meals are provided free of charge for the first 16 weeks. It's partners in the community (like YOU!) that make this possible. Invest in supporting each and every person facing cancer in our community by clicking on the PayPal button, or by mailing your contribution to NCO Caring Kitchen Project, 413 N. State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482

In addition to impacting the lives of people like Dan, the Caring Kitchen also impacts the lives of teens. The Caring Kitchen Project provides opportunities for teen volunteers to develop culinary skills, nutrition knowledge, and job readiness skills under the direction of a chef, and in collaboration with adult volunteer mentors. We find that cooking and sharing food creates and strengthens a sense of community, and the act of preparing and providing food to people facing cancer empowers teen volunteers to feel the full positive impact they can make in the world. Watch the Caring Kitchen volunteers in action, and learn more about what we do every week... Click HERE: Video 




Chronic diseases account for the four leading causes of death in Mendocino County, with cancer (including lung cancer) and heart disease causing over 50% of all deaths, followed by stroke and chronic lower respiratory diseases. Prevention is key, and experiencing healthier living through quality, vegetable-rich meals is just what the Caring Kitchen Project is all about.

The Caring Kitchen Project includes the following components: