We will begin taking applications in a phased approach in the near future.

You may email homehardening@ncoinc.org to get on our interested homeowner list or call 707-461-0760 to speak with a team member directly.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Lake County homes eligible for this program must be within the jurisdiction of the Kelseyville Riveria Community Association. Homes outside this jurisdiction are not currently eligible. Scroll down for more more information!


This program is designed to be as easy as possible for homeowners:

  1. Homeowners will have NO guesswork as to which measures to perform. The NCO team will provide a home assessment which will provide eligible measures. 
  2. Homeowners DO NOT need to coordinate with contractors! They will not need to negotiate on scope of work, pricing, timelines, etc. The NCO team will do all the contractor coordination and management. 
  3. Most homeowners will not need to come up with cash as the program may provide up to $40,000 in approved and eligible measures. This will be completely free for homeowners at-or-below moderate-income levels in the area. 
  4. This is not a "rebate" program for homeowners.
  5. Our goal is to provide services to homeowners who may be unable to harden their home due to capacity issues – be it financial, physical, social, even emotional. Case Management will be a critical part of the process from the start. 

1. Kelseyville Riviera Homeowners will apply online or at an NCO office. Applications will be rolled out in a phased approach soon.

2. Approved homeowners will be assigned an NCO Project Coordinator to oversee their specific homesite project.

3. A home assessment (see below) will be completed, highlighting defensible space and retrofit measures which may harden the home against wildfire. 

4. Utilizing one of NCO’s approved contractors, a scope of work and contract will be developed between the homeowner and contractor. 

5. Construction will begin and the assigned Project Coordinator will oversee that all measures are performed accurately and in accordance with the contract. 

6. Once construction is complete, a final walkthrough will be scheduled with the homeowner, contractor, and NCO.

7. All homeowners will be required to sign a maintenance agreement, stating that they will maintain the performed measures for a specified period.

8. That’s it! NCO will do everything possible to make this process simple, efficient, and cost effective.

Once an application is approved, NCO Home Assessors will provide home assessments using a mobile application created specifically for this program by CAL FIRE. It is unlikely that home assessors will need to enter properties, most of their work should be done on the exterior of the home.

Once the home assessment is complete, an individualized report will be created, generating specific details about each property. The home assessment report will summarize measures which may harden the home against the risk of wildfire losses. The specific measures to be completed on each home will vary by housing type, unique features of the home, risks, and exposures. Reports will prioritize work needed by categorizing required, recommended, and optional measures to be taken in hardening a home. Project staff will develop a specific scope of work for the homesite with the homeowner prior to any work beginning. Required measures must be performed.  Recommended and optional measures may be performed based on budget and at the discretion of NCO.

Defensible Space Measures include, but are not limited to:


-Removal of dead and dying trees, branches 
-Moving auxiliary buildings or structures away from residence 
-Replacement of combustible fencing and gates 
-Creation of vertical and/or horizontal space 
-Removal of any dead and dying debris and fuels 


Potential Retrofit Measures include, but are not limited to:

-Recover Roofs with Class A fire resistant materials
-Install metal vents or flashing
-Add metal screens, noncombustible weather stripping, etc.
-Install double pane, tempered windows
-Closing or plugging of holes / bird stopping
-Replace exterior wall coverings with noncombustible material
-Install noncombustible skirting on mobile homes

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