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For Providers

Rural Communities Child Care provides free or low cost programs and services designed to support and empower child care providers so that children, families and communities benefit. This page is designed for the use of child care providers. 

Child Care Food Program 

(CCFP) reimburses family child care providers who provide nutritious meals and snacks to children. Ongoing nutrition training is provided. The Child Care Food Program is currently serving 672 children and reimbursing 64 providers for nutritious meals served to children while in their care.

Studies have shown that participation in the Child Care Food Program is an indicator of a quality childcare program. Childhood obesity is often the number one health issue for many of our children, providers that offer the food program are able to assure parents that their child is receiving food that meets national standards and will contribute to their child developing lifelong healthy eating habits.

For questions, please call Food Program Manager; Jaime Castaldo at (707) 994-4018 ext 603

Join the Food Program!

Meal Payments:

1. Download form
2. Print 
3. Fill out needed information
4. Send either a screenshot or scan and email to
5. Both Menu AND Meal Count forms must be submitted

Forms in English:

Menu 5 day (English)

Menu Infant 5 day (English)

Meal Count (English) 

Formas de español:

Menu 5 day (Spanish)

Menu Infant 5 day (Spanish)

Meal Count (Spanish)

AP Provider Attendance Sheets

1. Download the form 
2. Print 
3. Maintain sheet daily with exact times in/out as shown on the instruction sheet 
4. Both parent and provider must sign at end of month verifying times in/out are correct
5. Mail completed forms to NCO/RCCC at 413 N State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482

Formulario de Registros de Asistencia para Proveedores 

1. Descargue el formulario, haga clic aquí
2. Imprime el formulario
3. Mantenga la hoja diariamente con los horarios exactos de entrada/salida como se muestra en la hoja de instrucciones
4. Tanto el padre como el proveedor deben firmar al final del mes verificando que los tiempos de entrada/salida sean correctos
5. Envíe por correo los formularios completados a NCO/RCCC en 413 N State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482