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    Teen Nutrition Advocates LEARN and TEACH all about healthy eating on a budget!

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Nutrition Basics

The Nutrition Basics Project coordinates and collaborates with USDA-funded nutrition activities in Mendocino County. Past and present projects include:

  1. CalFresh Outreach recipe taste-tests and "Get a Raise with CalFresh" activities at credit unions, libraries, farmers markets, grocery stores, and in faith-based communities.
  2. Caring Kitchen Project brings nutritious, organic meals and a community of caring to the clients of the Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County. The project gives teens hands-on experience in the kitchen, opportunities to learn about healthy eating, leadership and job-readiness skills, and a meaningful way to make a difference in their community. This new project launched in the summer of 2017. This program is an affiliate of the Ceres Community Project based in Sebastopol, CA.
  3. Nutrition education classes and train-the-trainer events focused on MyPlate basics, healthy eating on a budget, and building cooking skills. Classes are held in family resource centers, after school care centers, State preschools, and transitional housing facilities for participants aged from 3 yrs. through adult.
  4. Policy, systems, and environmental change efforts focused on community and youth engagement in the change process. In collaboration with the Mendocino County Healthy and Human Services Agency, Planning and Prevention Unit, Nutrition Basics has led a local CX3 (Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Prevention) community assessment and advocacy project. In addition, the Nutrition Basics Project had collaborated with a county-wide "Rethink Your Drink" consortium dedicated to reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.
  5. Leaders for a Healthy Community is a group of health-minded service professionals, working together to make a difference in the health of Mendocino County. The goal of this one-year project was to ensure that organizations around the county were energized by grassroots staff leadership, and that they planned for long-term positive health outcomes for their clients and students by adopting new healthy policies and practices. Participating organizations were those that serve and care about providing access to health and wellness for all, regardless of income.
  6. County Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP): participation in goal-setting process, action updates, and quarterly informational meetings.
  7. Membership on the Mendocino County Food Policy steering committee, and Community Health Improvement Planning team CHOW (ChildHood Obesity and Wellness).
  8. Hosting dietetic interns and providing them with hands-on community nutrition management experience.

Funds we bring into the county: $80,000 in CalFresh Outreach grants (subcontracted to NCO Community Action from Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency) and other community grants.

Number served: 2,700 low-income Mendocino County residents per year.


Program(s) Involved: Community Wellness Projects The Gardens Project