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New Digs: Lake County

Robyn Bera, Program Director 

For more information, please contact New Digs at (707) 461-4574

For the quickest response, email

New Digs uses a Housing First model.

We believe that a family or individual must first have stable, permanent housing before they can move forward with setting and reaching their goals.

No one is rejected from the New Digs program based on credit history, convictions, sobriety, income, or ability to pay.

How can someone become a participant?

Families and individuals may be referred to New Digs by another agency or they may refer themselves. Families are encouraged to call CalWORKS first, for a referral to New Digs through the Housing Support Program.  Clients are only seen by appointment only. Families and individuals may be placed on a waitlist based on their level of vulnerability. (Families and more vulnerable individuals will be placed as a higher priority on the list).

ALL clients  must be:

Our assistance is not intended to provide long-term support, but instead is focused on the following areas:

Clients will gradually take on more of their own rent, and will be expected to pay 100% of their rent by 6 months.

Even after a client no longer receives financial assistance, they may be supported through case management services for up to a year.

A referral and/or acceptance to the program is not a guarantee of housing placement.