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We invest in people through community action.


Community Wellness Projects

Our Community Wellness Projects respond to the unmet needs of our community. NCO identifies issues through the development of a community action plan, then looks at ways to successfully implement change. Much of what we... [Read More]

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Lake County Food & Produce Pantries

Tammy Alakszay, Lake County Community Action


Friday Produce Pantry, Throughout Lake County: First - Fourth Friday of each month

Main Line: 707-994-4647

Please see our flyers (right side of this page) for the most current information.

The mobile Friday... [Read More]

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April Cunningham, Food PREP Coordinator | 707-467-3212

As food awareness and access increases, there’s also an increase in the need to know how to prepare fresh, local food. The Food PREP project offers regular Healthy... [Read More]

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Mendo Lake Food Hub

Caroline Radice, Project Manager


Tel: 707-467-3238

The purpose of the Mendo Lake Food Hub is to enhance the competitiveness and utilization of locally-grown specialty crops (fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, herbs, and spices). Located in... [Read More]

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Lake County Farm to School

The Lake County Farm to School program was a three-year grant-funded project aimed at increasing institutional purchasing of local food by building mutually supportive relationships between food producers and school distrcits in Lake County. It offered... [Read More]

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Nutrition Basics

Tarney Sheldon, Project Manager


Tel: 707-467-3200 ext. 280

The Nutrition Basics Project coordinates and collaborates with USDA-funded nutrition activities in Mendocino County. Past and present projects include:

  1. CalFresh Outreach recipe taste-tests and "Get a Raise with CalFresh" activities... [Read More]
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Partnerships In Community Health

Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH)

Jen Dalton, Project Coordinator


Tel: 707-467-3226

Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) supports Lake County’s public health efforts to reduce chronic diseases, promote healthier lifestyles, reduce health disparities, and control... [Read More]

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Redwood Caregiver Resource Center

Program Director – Nancy Powers-Stone


Tel: 707-542-0282

Tel: 800-834-1636

Fax: 707-542-0552

Address: 1140 Sonoma Ave Suite 1B, Santa Rosa, CA  95401

The Redwood Caregiver Resource Center helps families and communities master the challenges of caring for adults with... [Read More]

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Rural Communities Child Care

Program Director – Teri Sedrick


Tel: 707-263-4688 ext. 410

Rural Communities Child Care provides childcare for low-income families and continuing education for childcare providers.

Brief Program Description: Rural Communities Child Care (RCCC) is made up of... [Read More]

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The Gardens Project

Stephanie Logsdon, Mendocino County Project Coordinator | 707-462-1958

Ava Ryan, Lake County Project Coordinator | 707-994-4647 ext. 131

The Gardens Project of North Coast Opportunities seeks to relieve hunger and inadequate nutrition throughout Mendocino and... [Read More]

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Volunteer Network

The Volunteer Network of Lake and Mendocino Counties creates opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer, learn and lead in their communities. We strive to provide volunteers with a high-quality experiences that fuel further... [Read More]

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Walk & Bike Mendocino

Walk & Bike Mendocino promotes walking and biking as a primary transportation choice in short distance travel in Mendocino County. Functioning as a public benefit organization, W &B staff support pro-walking and biking governmental policies... [Read More]

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Hammers for Hope

Hammers for Hope is a local non-profit that has received a Housing and Community Development (HCD) CalHome Loan Program. These will be owner-occupied loans for homes destroyed by the 2015-2016 Lake County wildfires. NCO has... [Read More]