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Cornerstone Villages

Cornerstone Villages has a goal of creating a “Bridge to Life” for those unhoused in Lake County, whether by the recent disastrous fires or by the everyday struggles of life. The tiny home village model aims to provide a safe, clean, and secure place for these people to go: a self-managed community of small, inexpensive structures for those in need of temporary housing. Cornerstone Villages provides hope and healing for broken lives, a return to structured living for children and families, support for transitioning into permanent housing, and an asset to the community with simple, well-made structures that will last for many years. Because of tremendous volunteer support and a highly efficient model, it takes only $1,000 to build each tiny home.

Housing is the most critical need of those without shelter: every day they face rain and cold, risk the possibility of theft or violence, and live with the bleak reality of few opportunities or prospects. By providing basic accommodations and the support and security of a community, Cornerstone Villages can reverse the trend of homelessness in Lake County. It’s already being done with success around the country, from Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon to the Community First Village in Austin, Texas.

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