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Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake

Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake is a volunteer network, fiscally sponsored by North Coast Opportunities, created to rid Clearlake of litter and blight. Citizens Caring 4 Clearlake shares the gratifying experience of promoting and sustaining the beauty of Clearlake through education and volunteer action.

To learn more about CC4C, please visit their website or follow their Facebook page.
For any questions, please call Barbara Christwitz - (707) 995-0940


A pristine and beautiful environment, respected and supported by the entire community of Clearlake.

2019 Clean up Statistics
In 2019 CC4C collected 47.45 tons of trash going into the landfill, and 2 tons of recyclable material to Quackenbush.

CC4C Dumpster to Landfill = 14.46 tons Landfill (where trash is weighed) = 23.01 tons
Landfill (measured by truck load, not weighed) =  47.5 cubic yards = 7.05 tons
Charts - where each person reports trash dumped, but not at landfill or CC4C dumpster =  2.93 tons
Green/wood waste to Quackenbush = 2 tons

70 tires
289 Mattresses