NCO is committed to supporting disaster survivors for the long term.  NCO continues to help fire survivors rebuild in both Lake and Mendocino counties. WATCH this video on the Disaster Response of NCO in collaboration with partners, donors and many volunteers. 


What is the purpose of the Disaster Relief Fund?

The Disaster Relief Fund seeks to assist those facing hardship by providing monetary aid to people who have suffered a direct loss in Lake or Mendocino Counties as a result of a disaster.

In 2015, NCO worked with other area organizations in response to the Rocky, Jerusalem, and Valley Fires which burned in Lake County. In 2016, NCO re-opened the fund in response to the Clayton Fire, also in Lake County. In 2017, the fund opened again for those impacted by the Redwood Fire in Mendocino County and the Sulphur Fire in Lake County.

The fund will now remain open to support long term recovery for those who have been affected by a disaster in both Lake and Mendocino counties.

What type of assistance is given?

Relief will be disbursed by committee determination and/or through our Disaster Case Managers. The amount of relief given is determined by the amount of donations earned. The amount of funds raised will determine the focus of disbursement, emergency needs and/or long-term needs. Those determined to have the greatest need will be given a higher priority in the process.

How can a Disaster Case Manager help me?

Disaster Case Managers provide assistance during the emergency phase to address immediate needs. Case Managers will guide you through the labyrinth of forms, applications, and organizations. They will also follow up with paperwork you have filed after you have visited the local assistance center (LAC).

Disaster Case Managers can also help you in the long term by developing a recovery plan that can include a path to rebuilding. Case Managers can also help you apply for and secure funds/loans to rebuild or get into a rental, they can access resources and generally help you solve problems caused from the loss of a home. Case Managers will link you to resources and referrals to solve questions or issues with rebuilds or rentals. 

How do I contact a Disaster Case Manager?

Our telephone is staffed during business hours (from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm) Monday through Friday. After hours calls will be returned within 24 hours during the work week (Monday-Friday). 

Lake County (707) 998-8462
Mendocino County (707) 456-7989

How To Donate

To donate online to the NCO Disaster Relief Fund below:

Donate Today!

You may also mail or drop-off a donation to our main office at 413 North State Street,  Ukiah CA, 95482. Please include 'NCO Disaster Relief Fund' with your check or money order.  Learn more about the Disaster Relief Fund here

100% of the funds collected will be used for disaster relief efforts. The amount of support we can give to the community is directly determined by the amount of funds that are donated. 

We are grateful for the support from the American Red Cross for fire recovery in both Lake and Mendocino Counties.

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