Qualified Vendors: 

Applications are closed at this time.  Please send questions to homehardening@ncoinc.org or call 707-461-0760.


Kelseyville Riviera Homeowners: 

We will begin taking applications in a phased approach in the near future. You may email homehardening@ncoinc.org to get on our interested homeowner list, or call 707-461-0760 to speak with a team member directly. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. 

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Why was the Kelseyville Riviera Community Selected?

Lake County was selected as a pilot community by Cal OES and CAL FIRE after conducting a statewide analysis including fire risk, climate change risk factors and census data.  In December 2021, a group of representatives from Cal OES and CAL FIRE visited Lake County. They joined county and NCO representatives for a field visit. Several Lake County neighborhoods were toured and evaluated, and Kelseyville Riviera was deemed the best fit for this pilot project because it met key criteria:

  1. The housing density in the Riviera is optimal for achieving the “cluster” resiliency strategy we need to achieve. When one home is hardened against wildfire, all surrounding properties benefit. Hardening homes in close proximity to one another is key to maximizing the benefits of hardening efforts.
  2. The population in the Riviera will better meet the low-to-moderate income threshold required for this program. At least 70% of approved homesites must be at or below moderate income.
  3. Homes in this area are more likely to meet the types of retrofit measures the program will support.  Most of the homes in this neighborhood were constructed within a relatively narrow timeframe, meaning upgrades should be similar across properties. 
  4. Strong homeowner participation is anticipated due to the ongoing work of the Kelseyville Riviera Community Association and their current focus on defensible space requirements for residents.
  5. This area of Lake County is one of the few areas that has not experienced past wildfires, which makes it highly vulnerable. 

As the framework for this pilot program is developed, we are hopeful to leverage additional funding and expand this project to other areas within the county in the future. See below for current project area map!


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