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Mask Up Mendocino! Mini-Grant Opportunity

Friday, August 21, 2020

North Coast Opportunities (NCO) is working in close coordination with partners in Mendocino County’s communities to increase knowledge and awareness of COVID-19 facts and risks with the goal of increasing the widespread use of effective prevention strategies, including social distancing and use of face coverings. NCO and partners agencies will employ strategies designed for the general population as well as targeted strategies to reach Hispanic and Native American communities and the youth population. Because COVID-19 conditions change daily, NCO will be flexible in adapting the proposed activities as needed. 

Through direct education, mass media outreach, a mini-grant program, and distribution of materials through community networks, NCO and partners anticipate to reach at least 75% of the adult population and reduce the rate of COVID-19 spread in Mendocino County over the next 12 months, especially among youth, the Latinx community, and the Native American community.  

Mini-grant recipients are encouraged to use their creativity to conduct contests (slogan-development, essays, COVID-19 related artwork, mask-making), produce videos and street theater, etc. Youth group projects should be focused on outreach to their peers, giving them the opportunity to develop messages to promote mask wearing. Videos could then be posted on social media, shown at churches or other safe-distanced gatherings, or in other locations. Teachers, schools and classrooms are encouraged to create projects and apply.

Direct questions or ideas about projects to:

Lucy Kramer :

To apply, please visit 

Visit for more information on outreach opportunities and to download educational materials. 

Interested in mask distribution? We have boxes of masks and educational materials ready to go! Each box contains 500 masks total, or enough masks for 100 people to have 5 masks. Each pack of 5 is individually sealed. Email Lucy Kramer to arrange a pick-up. Limit 4 boxes (masks for 400 individuals) per group. If you have the capacity to distribute more than 4 boxes (e.g. if you are requesting the masks on behalf of a hospital, please let us know!)

Program(s) Involved: Healthy Mendocino Community Wellness Projects