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Good Farm Fund Now Accepting Applications

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Good Farm Fund Now Accepting Applications for $90,000 in Grants for Mendocino & Lake County Farmers

The Good Farm Fund is pleased to announce its 2020 farm grant cycle is now open. This year Good Farm Fund will provide the largest round of farm grant funding in their history, $90,000, to support local farms and ranches. The goal of the Good Farm Fund grants is to provide economic development assistance for small food producers in Mendocino and Lake Counties and increase access to fresh local food for underserved members of our community

Interested applicants can download a copy of the application and guidelines from the Good Farm Fund’s website ( All applications are due by November 23, 2020.

In addition to demonstrating financial need, strong candidates will demonstrate how their proposed project will maximize food production for local consumption, provide affordable food for underserved members of the community, and apply environmentally beneficial farming and/or ranching practices.

Good Farm Fund is a volunteer-led community organization that primarily raises funds through farm to table events and sponsorships from local businesses and organizations. In spite of cancelling its two large annual fundraisers due to COVID-19, the organization is poised to award more money than ever in its sixth year. This year’s record-breaking grant cycle is made possible by financial support from North Coast Opportunities, The County of Mendocino, Redwood Credit Union, the California Fire Foundation, and individual donors including members of the local 100 Women Strong group. The County received federal funds allocated through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which included some specific funding designated to COVID relief for small farms. North Coast Opportunities and the Good Farm Fund was selected as the beneficiary of these funds to direct aid to local farms.

“The County of Mendocino is proud to support The Good Farm Fund, and recognizes the value of having locally grown fruits, vegetables, grains available to our community,” explained Patty Bruder, the Executive Director of North Coast Opportunities. “This grant program has so many benefits – especially this year, with so many unprecedented challenges. These grants offer financial support to small farms helping them weather the challenges of current economic climate. Supporting small farms also benefits both the overall health of the community, by increasing access to fresh produce, whole grains, and other nutrient dense whole foods; and provides food security for our area - so when disasters disrupt larger supply chains, we still have access to essential staples like grains, eggs, meats and fresh produce.”

The Good Farm Fund was created in 2015 as a collective way for our community to directly support local farmers and increase local food security for all. According to past grant awardee and rancher Ruthie King, “Getting our business up and running has been a work of passion and perseverance. Every dollar in our first years is critical, and we were limited in scaling up our livestock operation by a lack of infrastructure. The Good Farm Fund grant allowed us to

purchase a trailer for hauling animals and feed, and our business is thriving thanks to that major support.”

To support Good Farm Fund’s work, please contact us or make a tax deductible donation online at

About the Good Farm Fund The Good Farm Funds is a community organization dedicated to providing direct support to small farmers in Mendocino and Lake Counties, as well as increasing local food security for underserved members of our community. The Good Farm Fund is a fiscally sponsored program of North Coast Opportunities, a Community Action Agency serving Lake & Mendocino Counties. @goodfarmfund

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