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Get CERT trained in Lake & Mendocino Counties

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Lake County Community Emergency Response Team

NCO Volunteer Network has received funding for a Lake County Community Emergency Response Team or CERT. This funding will be used to help residents become prepared for incidents like fires, floods, and other disasters.

Are you a concerned citizen who is looking for disaster preparedness training in the event of an emergency?  You will receive 20 hours of free training covering topics such as disaster preparedness, fire safety and suppression, light search and rescue, disaster medical operations, cert organization, disaster psychology, terrorism and cert: call NCO today and reserve your spot to receive free disaster preparedness training by a recognized FEMA professional.

Call (707) 263-4688 ext 402 today or stop by our local office at 850 Lakeport blvd. in Lakeport to register.

In Mendocino County, local citizens are encouraged to register for an upcoming FREE CERT training!

To become CERT certified, you must attend all 3 days of training.
***Please bring lunch and beverage. 

When: Saturday, November 9th (Ukiah SPACE Theater, 508 W. Perkins St.)
Sunday, November 10th (Ukiah SPACE Theater, 508 W. Perkins St.)
and Sunday, November 17th, 2019 (NCO Main Conference Room)
8:30am-5:30PM (each day)


This training will provide you with knowledge, skills and tools to help support yourself, family and neighbors in times of disaster.

Please register for the Mendocino County training by Friday, November 8th at 430pm here. For more information, contact Yvett Magallon at (707) 462-1959 or


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